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Museum curator Chodron

2019-05-05 10:35:00China Tibet Online

17 years ago, the Tibet Museum had no professional commentator, and Chodron was an ordinary staff member who served as commentator in the Tibetan masks and King Gesar. That was the first time the new museum was opened to the public, and since then, Chodron has grown up with the Tibet Museum, eventually becoming its curator.

Chodron is a lucky child of New Tibet. She grew up in Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. There she had a carefree childhood and adolescence.

After graduating from high school in 1988, Chodron applied the cultural relic and museum major in the History Department at Sichuan University because her grades in history had always been her best. Her class adviser at the time was the famous archaeologist and cultural relics and museum expert Mr. Huo Wei. The group of Tibetan students in the major at Sichuan University have since become the core of the field of Tibetan cultural relics.

After graduating from Sichuan University, Chodron was assigned to Shigatse Prefecture Cultural Relics Bureau. She stayed there for just one year before transferring to the then-preparatory office for the Tibet Museum. It was here she met another mentor in her career, Trinley Chodrak, a Tibetan historian, cultural relic expert, writer, and translator.

At that time, Tibet was probably the only province in China that did not have a provincial museum. It can be said that as the director of the preparatory office and head of the establishing museum, Trinley Chodrak is the one who shouldered a kind of unprecedented responsibility. Although 99 million yuan (14.7 million US dollars), a huge sum of money at the time, was appropriated towards the project, everything from planning and building, collecting cultural relics, allocating and training personnel, to designing and setting up exhibits had to be done from scratch.

This was unimaginable for Trinley Chodrak, who was originally more engaged in writing work. Even more difficult was delivering this new concept of a "museum" to the Tibetan society. For Tibet, this was definitely a new term.

The mission for Trinley Chodrak and his subordinates was not just to build a museum but also to implant the concept of a modern museum into contemporary Tibetan society.

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