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94 vaccination units available for citizens in Lhasa

2019-05-07 12:24:00China Tibet Online

April 25 was National Children’s Vaccination Day. “Child vaccinations include a variety of vaccines that are artificially made and inoculated into children through different ways to promote resistance to bacteria or viruses in children,” Li Qian, director of the Department of Planned Immunization at the Tibet Lhasa City Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said.

It is understood that there are currently 94 vaccination units in Lhasa, including 31 in the Chengguan District (16 township and community inoculation points, 11 maternity hospitals, and four village-level inoculation points). Li Qian said that first class vaccinations (a group of vaccines under the Chinese National Immunization Scheme that are supplied free of charge by the government) can be used for inoculation in each community health service centers in Lhasa, and some communities can also be vaccinated with second-class self-paying vaccinations.

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