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6 billion yuan invested to build and renovate schools in Lhasa

2019-04-16 13:43:00China Tibet Online

The Lhasa Education Bureau revealed at the Tibet Regional Education Conference on April 3 that over the past six years, Lhasa invested 6 billion yuan (894 million US dollars) in school foundational construction, renovating or building more than 260 schools of all types and levels.

According to the Lhasa Education Bureau, Lhasa has 342 schools of different levels and types with more than 138,000 students and more than 11,000 faculty members and staff.

In the past six years, Lhasa has added more than 3,800 teachers and attracted more than 500 talents, with an average of 10 million yuan (1.49 million US dollars) invested annually in teacher training and teacher research, and 12 million yuan (1.79 US dollars) as award for outstanding teachers and teams.

In 2018, the gross enrollment rate for Lhasa’s senior high schools reached 91 percent, which exceeded the national average. The college entrance exam rate reached 96.51 percent.

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