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Changes: not just a leap from chalk to digitization

2019-04-08 15:26:00China Tibet Online

On a morning in late March, the teacher in the English class at the Dagze District Center Primary School in Lhasa, Tibet, is using the latest teaching equipments to play instructional videos for the class.

The classroom. [Photo/China News Service]

Tseji, a 12-year-old student, told reporters that her favorite class is English. From the teacher's multimedia lessons, she can see the scenery of many different countries. "My older sister goes to university in Beijing, and she tells me a lot of interesting things. I hope I can also go to Beijing for university in future and then travel all over the world," she said.

Dagze District Center Primary School became fully operational in March 2016. The school's principal Nyima Basang said that the school enrolls all school-age children from five townships and one town in Dagze District, and thanks to the policy of free compulsory education, food, uniforms, dormitories, and transportation for the school's 2,254 students are all taken care of by the school.

The school cafeteria. [Photo/China News Service]

Nyima Basang said that the current Dagze District Center Primary School combines the region's hardware and software education resources. Student achievements here continue to improve. At the annual teaching quality test for Lhasa City in 2018, Dagze District Central Primary School placed third.

Students taking part in a physical education class. [Photo/China News Service]

At the same time, quality education and cultural construction have also been introduced on campus. According to Champa Danda, the school's moral education director, the school has established more than 20 interest groups including Tibetan calligraphy, music and dance, and handicraft-making. In order to teach students about Tibetan opera, the school has also established two interest groups for Tibetan opera called "Tashi Sholpa" and "Langmar".

Watching the children play on the beautiful campus, Nyima Basang said: "From white chalk to digitization, what really reassures the parents is not the hardware of the school, but the actual changes in their children."

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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