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Tibet invested 224 million yuan in 2018 to protect cultural relics

2019-04-25 11:17:00China Tibet Online

In 2018, the Central People’s Government of China and the local government of Tibet Autonomous Region invested 224 million yuan (33 US dollars) to carry out a total of 29 preservation and fire protection projects.

Liu Shizhong, director of the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Bureau, said that in 2018, Tibet has organized three cultural relics safety inspection activities in more than two months, and 520 potential safety hazards has been found with 480 being rectified.

Liu Shizhong said that more than 10 million yuan (148,000 US dollars) has been invested to renovate the electrical circuits in some cultural relic protection units.

“The work to identify cultural relics in Tibet has never been interrupted,” Liu Shizhong said. He said that last year, the Potala Palace, Norbulingka, and the Tibet Museum completed registration and archiving of 3,163 ancient texts and 1,152 pieces (or sets) of cultural relics. In addition, the Tibet Autonomous Region Cultural Relics Appraisal Center registered and filed 5,076 temple cultural relics in monasteries in Chamdo, Shigatse, and Nyingchi and reviewed 7,872 movable cultural relic data.

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