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Tibet holds exhibition promoting local brands

2019-05-13 16:48:00Xinhua

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region held an exhibition Friday promoting local brands, as part of the efforts to boost sales of local products.

May 10 was designated as "Chinese Brand Day" by the State Council, China's cabinet in 2017.

More than 100 local Tibetan enterprises mostly in the food, pharmaceutical, tourism, and cultural industries, have signed up for the exhibition held at the Tibet Museum of Natural Science in Lhasa, capital of the region.

Local specialties such as yak jerky, highland barley biscuits, highland barley-brewed beer and yak dairy products will be on display until May 12.

Tibet is among China's fastest-growing provincial-level regions. The region's growth rates of per capita disposable income for rural and urban residents and consumer goods retail sales were the highest in China in 2018.

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