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Children realize dreams of attending school on plateau

2019-05-07 12:54:00China Tibet Online

In the past, for nomads living in Naqie village, Nagqu, Tibet, they were hardly able to send their children to kindergartens due to geographical conditions. The village sits on an average altitude of 4,800 meters with sparse population and poor road condition.

However, with the support of national policies, a kindergarten, which is a aid-project, is about to open in the village.

Children at the Naqie Village, Bacab Township , Xainza County, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region. 

A child is waiting for school. 

Children are taking group photos at the gate of the new kindergarten. 

A child with a little lamb. 

Children from the Naqie Village, Bacab Township, Xainza County, Nagqu City, Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Children are playing funny games. 

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