The fourth Draksum Tso bike race starts in April

2016-04-01 08:59:12 | From:China Tibet Online

The fourth Draksum Tso Lake mountain bike race will start on Apr. 29 at Nyingchi’s Draksum Tso Lake scenic area. This is China’s highest mountain bike race.

The racecourse is 99 kilometers long and takes place over two days. The race starts at the scenic area entrance on day one and follows the track around the lake to Kyerpa village. On the following day it continues from Xincuo ditch to Sangtong grasslands, then onto the finish. The course includes a highway, gravel, grassland, forest and cross-country section.

There have been three Draksum Tso Lake bike races with the first being held in 2013. The whole course takes place at over 3600 meters so is very demanding physically. The mountain and lake scenery is also beautiful, which helps attract large numbers of cycling enthusiasts. This year it is estimated that cyclers from American, Canada, France and other countries will take part in the race.

Draksum Tso Lake is located in the deep valley at the Ba River source in Kongpo Gyamda County. The river is at an average altitude of 3600 meters and the water is like jasper, surrounded by green, snow-capped mountains throughout the year. In 2000 Draksum Tso Lake was named as a national 4A level scenic spot.

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