Aerial photographs of Shangri-La, Yading Daocheng

2017-01-01 09:03:35 | From:China Tibet Online


Yading Daocheng located in Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province is surrounded by three snow-capped mountains, rivers, and lakes. The landscape remains close to the kind of purity that is nearly extinct elsewhere in the world. Entering Shangri-La is like entering a secret world.


The discovery of Shangri-La is legendary. In 1928, the American explorer Locke arrived here. The photographs he took were published in a magazine and inspired the book Lost Horizon, thus giving “Shangri-La” its good reputation.

Xiannai Ri Holy Mountain is one of the three snow mountains in Shangri-La. It is a holy place for the Tibetan people. 


One of the Shangri-La snow mountains: Yangmaiyong Mountain.    

Winding rivers inlayed in the earth like a belt of jade can be seen from high viewing points. 

White, snow-capped mountains and golden forests contrast against each other. 

Because of the natural scenery of the earliest ecology, Shangri-La is called the “last pure land on the Blue Planet”. 

Residences located in the Shangri-La river valley. 

In order to protect Shangri-La, vehicles are not allowed to enter the core scenic area. Therefore, walking on foot is the best way to experience the landscape.  

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