Jackals and takins first spotted in Tibet

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A Bhutan takin is seen for the first time in Tibet[Photo/China Tibet News]

Close-up shots of Bhutan Takin and Jackal were taken by scientists in the southeast of Tibet recently during the second terrestrial survey into wildlife resources,China Tibet News reported.

From 1998 to 2001 Tibet conducted the first China national survey into wildlife resources, discovering 83 populations of national and regional protected wild animals. They also investigated the environmental conditions of the wildlife’s distribution areas and habitats, as well as threatening factors and use of wildlife resources.

A jackal is seen for the first time in Tibet[Photo/China Tibet News] 

Since 2013 Tibet has launched the second terrestrial survey into wildlife resources, aimed at establishing archives and databases on Tibetan wildlife and establishing a monitoring network information system. This investigation is expected to complete by the end of 2016. During the investigation, precious close-up photographs of Bhutan takin (a type of takin) and jackal were taken, especially in the southeastern area.

"Bhutan takin and jackal are first- and second-grade national protected wildlife respectively, and are very rarely seen in the wild," said Wu Jianpu, engineer at the Tibet Forestry Inventory and Planning Institute. "Being able to take a photo of them indicates that wildlife activities are gradually starting to expand and it shows that our protection work in recent years has achieved outstanding results."

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