New expressway spurs tourism growth at Hailuogou national park

2018-02-02 10:20:31 |

Red rocks are found lying on the banks of Yajiageng River. [Photo/]

Wintry scene of Caohaizi Lake. [Photo/]

White rimes set against blue sky near Caohaizi Lake located along the Glacier Rainforest scenic route. [Photo/]

After the Ya’an-Kangding expressway opened to traffic on Dec. 31, the travel time was cut to three hours between Chengdu city and the Hailuogou national park, which boasts the most striking views of the Gongga Mountain, the highest in Sichuan province.

The park has experienced a recent surge in tourist arrivals – multiple hotels are reported to be fully booked on weekends while restaurants at the Moxi ancient town received diners nearly tripling the number in same period of the previous year.

Located in southeast of Garze Tibetan autonomous prefecture, the Hailuogou national park comprehends rich tourism resources ranging from lofty snow mountains, majestic glacier scenes, luxuriant primitive forests, and distinctive flora and fauna. Unique folk culture can be experienced at the Moxi old town at the entrance to the park.

There are also hot spring waters scattered across the forests, embraced by the snow mountains and glacial topography. Classified as calcium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate springs, the hot springs have curative effects on motor system and cardiovascular system diseases. Symptoms of digestive system diseases can be significantly eased by drinking the water directly.

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