Zhu Weiqun: Buddhism should adapt to socialism with Chinese characteristics in modern time

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Editor's note: According to China Network, Zhu Weiqun, director of the Committee for Ethnic and Religious Affairs of the CPPCC Standing Committee, recently expressed his views to the local authorities and religious figures in Shanxi and Hunan provinces on "actively guiding religions to fit in with the socialist society". Excerpts of Zhu’s speech are as follows:

Since Buddhism and other religions were introduced into China a long time ago, they have been all seeking for a path to fit in with the Chinese society. Religions should adapt to socialism with Chinese characteristics and be constantly endowed with contents of new eras in their doctrines. Only by this way can they continue to move along the right path in China. Otherwise, their development will either reverse or even grind to a halt.

We should prevent some outdated religious views held in Old China from reemerging today. "Desinicization" denies the fine traditions of the Chinese religions, deviates from the direction of progress of Chinese religions, and ignores the desires of the religious masses, which opens the door to religious extremism. Those views, which came about under the old historical conditions, only adapted to the old Chinese society, but are no longer suited to China’s socialist society today.

The "basic guidelines for religious work" were included in the Constitution at the 17th Party Congress. Among the basic guidelines, "actively guiding religion to fit in with the socialist society" is an essential content and overall objective.

Firstly, "adaptation" means to be patriotic and law-abiding; uphold the leadership of the Chinese Communists Party and the socialist system; obey the law-based government’s management; conduct religious activities in accordance with the law, and increase religious believers’national, civic and legal awareness; adhere to separation of religion from politics, and oppose religious penetrative and separatist shemes plotted from overseas in name of religions. Secondly, religious figures should do more for people’s well-being and social harmony. We should put an end to the phenomenon of using faith to collect money in a few places by breaking the rules. Thirdly, we should promote part of the doctrines that benefit national development, social stability and moral improvement, and offer new interpretations to the canons with the changes of the times.

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