Experts discuss Tibet's history book

2018-03-28 11:32:45 | From:Xinhua

Experts spoke highly of The Comprehensive History of Tibet, a book-set compiled by the China Tibetology Research Center, at a seminar on Tuesday.

Since its release in October 2015, the book has played a significant role in popularizing historical knowledge of Tibet, as well as in promoting traditional Tibetan culture, according to the seminar attendees.

The experts said that the books also helped improve national pride, cultivated a sense of community of the Chinese nation, and served the stability and development of Tibet.

With eight volumes and more than 8.5 million Chinese characters, the collection is the first work introducing the comprehensive history of Tibet in a systematic way, and is regarded as having important academic value and social meaning.

"It includes the history of Tibet within the frame of Chinese history, and looks into Tibet's history with the communication between Chinese ethnic groups improving, which is good for understanding the integrity and internal connections of the history of the Chinese nation," said An Qiyi, Party chief of the research center. "It is a window through which people around the world can get to see the real Tibet."

The seminar was attended by over 70 experts and scholars from institutes including the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, some of whom took part in the research and compilation of the book.

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