Delegates from Tibet prepare for the 19th CPC National Congress

2017-11-10 14:03:16 | From:China Tibet Online

With the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) about to start, the 29  delegates from southwest China's Tibet quickly slipped into "meeting mode" after arriving in Beijing.  Among them, eleven  are Party members  from grassroots production and work departments.  


Delegate Tsering Yangchim,  principal of a kindergarten in Tibet, prepared to put forward two proposals. To this end, she widely heard people’s opinions and gathered materials, and is currently  improving it. She said that  it is a must to reflect the true wishes of the Tibet people and pass on the spirit of the congress to them.


Delegate Nyima Sichu,  works at the village committee in Namling County, Shigatse.  He locked himself in his room one day before the congress to start to type backup materials. He outlined the beneficial policies in words. When coming across something not sure, he just calls the village to confirm.


Padma Yangjen is a delegate of Monba ethnic.  She told reporters that the lives of Monba people have continuously improved over the last five years, with the villagers' per capita income having increased from 5,344 yuan (806 US dollars) in 2012 to 13,762 yuan (2075 US dollars) in 2016, growing by about 2.6 times.

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