Targeted poverty-alleviation lifts more people out of poverty in Tibet

2017-11-10 10:37:08 | From:China Tibet Online

According to official data, since the targeted poverty-relief work stared, about 147 thousand residents in southwest China's Tibet have been lifted out of poverty.

According to Latso and Nyima Sichu, both are delegates to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) from Tibet, there are fewer poor households and more rich ones in their villages benefitted from the poverty-alleviation policies and thus the villagers feel grateful for the party's good policies from the bottom of their hearts.

Nyima Sichu said there're a variety of subsidies available now, allowing residents to apply for under certain standards. In order to make those policies clear to villagers, he often called them together and used powerpoint presentations as a tool to explain to them.

"Now, the only households with poverty issues are the elderly or people with health problems, people who do not have working capability, but luckily there's social guarantees, and the village also does everything it can to help them."

As the only region in China with connected areas suffering from poverty, Tibet still has a population of 442 thousand poverty-stricken residents. This is a critical challenge.
Benba Tashi, the sectary of CPC Shetongmon County Committee and also a delegate to the 19th CPC National Congress, said that it is the key to win the war against poverty to conduct targeted poverty-alleviation policy. 

Benba Teshi attaches a lot importance on poverty- alleviation through industries. He plans to apply for a 380 million yuan (57 million US dollars) poverty-relief grant to expand the current chicken farms in his county to create a Tibetan chicken cultivation enterprise combining breeding, cultivation, production, research and development, and sales, through which the average per capita income for the 1,937 residents among 450 poor households with will increase by 3,700 yuan (558 US dollars) each year.

In addition, the county is also planning to establish a Tibetan medicine cultivation base and an edible mushroom cultivation base.

According to Benba Teshi, the county plans to relocate 6,934 residents among 1,707 households to alleviate their poverty during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020). Currently, 832 new houses accommodating for 3,534 people have been completed.

It is said in President Xi Jinping's report to the 19th CPC National Congress that it is a must to win the war against poverty to ensure all the rural population and poverty-stricken counties will be free of poverty by 2020.

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