First annotated edition of ancient handwritten Tibetan literatures published

2017-11-06 15:36:23 | From:China Tibet Online

It is reported that the first annotated edition of collections of ancient Tibetan literatures was published by the Qinghai Ethnic Press of northwest China's Qinghai Province.


Titled Handwritten Ancient Rare Tibetan Bon Literatures, the book has collected handwritten ancient Bon documents dating from the 10th to 13th century C.E.


Suolog, editorial director at the Qinghai Ethnic Press, said that the content of  the book is mainly about Tubo local culture before the introduction of Buddhism, including a creation legend, ancient tri-realm cosmology, mountain god worship, and a variety of original Bon doctrines and ancient Tibetan ritual ceremonies.


Suolog said, "Most of the handwritten ancient Tibetan texts that have been published  home and abroad are only simple photocopies."  The book  makes a line-by-line transcription to those handwritten Bon texts and  gives annotations and interpretations to some special Bon terminology and complex symbols.


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