The Panchen Lama holds a Buddhist event at Chamdo

2017-09-21 15:09:57 | From:China Tibet Online

On a morning in August the 11th Panchen Lama Bainqen Erdini Qoigyijabu held a Buddhist event in Champa Ling Monastery in Chamdo of southwest China's Tibet.

While monks from the temple hall and on top of the monastery sounded the musical instruments, monks holding incense burners lead the way, with 12 disciplinarians (lamas that handle discipline and order in the temple) maintaining order on both sides,and monks holding the Precious Umbrella followed closely behind, the Panchen Lama made his way to Tsomchen hall escorted by monks to pay respects to the Buddha.

Every time the Panchen Lama comes before the Buddha inside Tsomchen hall, he must present a piece of Hada and put his hands together to pray for all living creatures.

After the ceremony he ascended onto the high dharma throne, making offerings for a longevity empowerment. After the blessing monks collectively recited the Heart Sutra, and offered the Panchen Lama auspicious offerings.

The Panchen Lama carried out the longevity empowerment  ritual for the monks and taught them the Shambala prayer, which prays for world peace, peace and prosperity for the country, and happiness for the people.

The Panchen Lama started doing the empowerment ritual for monks and believers from the age of nine. He is familiar with every religious ritual including the mantra, holding the dharma instruments and chanting sutras.

Tsomchen hall inside Champa Ling Monastery was filled with monks, all listening to the Panchen Lama chanting sutras and praying.

Finally, the Panchen Lama blesses offerings of the "three treasures" of Buddha statues, sutras, and pagodas one by one.

After the ceremony, the Panchen Lama came to the dharma tent in the square of the monastery and blessed the religious masses.

Some believers requested that the Panchen Lama blow into their eyes, some requested that he bless their Buddha beads and others requested that he touch where they feel pain.

One by one, the 11th Panchen Lama will always satisfy these requests.

A woman named Tsedran from Zogang County said, "On hearing that the Panchen Lama was coming to Chamdo, the whole village was excited. We left Zogang early in the morning to get to Champa Ling Monastery where we queued for a long time. Finally, we were filled with joy as we were able to see the master, making the arduous journey worthwhile!"

After touching heads of their heads to bless them, the Panchen Lama presented the religious people with red vajra knots.

Almost every believer that receives a gift will then immediately touch it with his forehead, which is a sign of receiving worship and blessing from the Panchen Lama. Their feeling of happiness is effusive.

As is saying, "to not look for one's own comfort, but to wish for no suffering for all living beings". From the blazing sun at noon to torrential rain to sunset, the 11th Panchen Lama tirelessly blessed the religious followers that had traveled from afar.

The blessing didn't finish until all the believers received a blessing and left filled with joy.

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