Archery competitors from around the world gather in Qinghai

2016-09-08 15:39:59 | From:China Tibet Online

Over 900 athletes from 23 countries and regions gathered to compete at an international ethnic archery competition held in Qinghai Province. The competition is the 2nd of its kind.

Greek athlete Seala Lokollo is on her first trip to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. “Qinghai is beautiful. There is so much rich culture and the audience is fantastic. I have made many Chinese friends. I hope we can meet again at the next competition.”

The athlete from Lithuania, Yifulena Gaiweit, attracted attention from the audience even before she started the race. This is her second time competing in Qinghai and she is at ease as a veteran. “Qinghai has such amazing sights, it’s worth all the traveling.” She said with excitement.

Gao Yonggang, an athlete from Beijing’s Baibu Chuanyang Club, said “Traditional archery is much more difficult than modern archery, it really tests the athlete’s control, stability, and consistency.” He said, “This competition is like an international party for archery competitors. Qinghai has so many excellent traditional archery athletes, I hope we can make the ethnic culture even better with everyone’s hard work.”

In Qinghai, archery has a very big fan base, especially in Gonghe County of Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Every holiday, archery is a must for the residents as a sport entertainment program. Hosting archery competition has provided more athletic credentials to Gonghe County. With the mingling of Chinese and international cultures at the archery competition, Qinghai’s unique ethnic and cultural traditions will become more renowned as well.


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