RUC Professor: Behind US's secret support for the Dalai Lama

2016-04-18 17:03:29 | From:China Tibet Online

At the end of 2015 the Dalai clique received a “Christmas gift” – the United States Congress decided to allocate $6 million of the 2016 budget to helping “Tibetan exiles”, which is double that of 2015.

And this is just one example of the United States providing their full support to the Dalai clique. In fact, in the 50 years traces of the US are always found after separatist acts. In 1959 there was an armed rebellion in Lhasa and the Dalai Lama was misled by the United States into escaping. In the 1960s, with support from the US, the Dalai clique re-established the “Chushi Gangdruk”, who began a decade-long military attack on China’s border.

Why is the US always so keen to support the Dalai clique? Jin Canrong, Professor of Renmin University of China, believes it can be understood from three aspects:

Firstly, there are geopolitical reasons. Starting from the British era, the West has wanted to turn Tibet into an “independent state”. This not only holds China back, but also the whole of Asia, just like Israel does in the Middle East. By manipulating “Tibetan independence, it affects international relations across the whole of Asia. “If Tibet becomes an “independent state”, secluded central Asia, which is surrounded by powerful neighbors, will be forced to search for support from outside the country. The West will use this as a tool for controlling Asia. Starting with the UK this has always been the plan and now the US has inherited this idea.”

The second reason is ideology. The US restricts the Communist Party, highlighting human rights and using all possible contradictions: religion, nationality, borders and others.

The third reason is that Westerners believe Tibet should be protected, as it is a mysterious place: the “land of heaven” and “Shangri-La”. Due to very few Westerners entering Tibet at the time, they mainly came in contact with Tibetan nobility and only saw the beautiful water and mountains as well as the honest people. They didn’t see the complete picture and weren’t aware that Tibet is backward with a low-level economy and suffering people. Therefore, these Westerners oppose using modern powers to transform it; they believe that modernization implemented by the Chinese government is “disrupting Tibetan culture”. However, they never experienced the millions of serfs that were liberated later as well as Tibet’s tremendous progress and development. 

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