Garze wins awards at China Self-Driving Travel Route Convention

2016-03-14 15:01:43 | From:China Tibet Online

On Mar. 6, the 2016 China Self-Driving Travel Convention was held at the Shanghai International Fashion Center. The awards selected for China’s self-driving travel routes were announced, in which Hailuogou Redstone travel in Garze Prefecture, Sichuan Province earned first prize for both natural resources management in the short-route travel series and route facilities, and Dongnu Kingdom's Beauty Valley in Danba County earned third prize for natural resources management in the mid-size culture route series.

The 2016 China Self-Driving Travel Convention is the central part of the peak conventions for China’s self-driving travel, with agenda topics of “restructuring self-driving travel industry ecology, exploring the road of sustainable development”, and main themes of expert commentary, observation group challenge, keynote speeches, and challenging everyone on the basics of China’s self-driving tourism industry.

Elites from the fields of foreign and domestic automobiles, tourism, finance, investment, entertainment, consulting, marketing, the media, and others were included at the convention, exchanging and sharing strategies and trends in the self-driving tourism industry, product experience and investment marketing, in the hope of bringing the self-driving tourism industry to the next development level.

Compiling list of China’s self-driving travel took seven months, with recommendations from 36 opinionated leaders and voting from millions of experienced users for the authority list, having a wide range of credibility.

Xiao Feng, chair of the Sichuan Garze Tourism Development Committee, said, “Garze Prefecture earned three big awards at this conference, and this is something to be celebrated. It not only affirms the efforts made in developing Garze’s tourism industry, it will also bring in new opportunities for us. Everyone has a clearer understanding on the position and future prospects on the self-driving tourism industry after undergoing elite circle inquiries into self-driving industry models at the convention. I believe that Garze Prefecture receiving these awards is only the starting point, that we should redouble our efforts towards better developing Garze’s self-driving industry.”


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