Chamdo Bamda Airport remodeling project begins

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A total of 847 million yuan has been invested towards remodeling the Chamdo Bamda airport and the project is under way with an estimated completion and ready for use by 2017.

Chamdo Bamda airport began flights on April 28, 1995, serving an important role in improving economic development, societal stability and people’s welfare in the Tibet Autonomous Region. High altitude and long term use have exacerbated the damage of the runways at Bamda Airport.

Yet after the expansion in 2007 and the remodeling and closure of the Bamda Airport in 2013, the root of the problems still cannot be resolved and the increasing tourist traffic cannot be met, which posed a serious aviation safety threat.

To thoroughly fix the runways of Bamda Airport, on March 27 the National Development and Reform Commission assigned several departments to assist with the Bamda airport remodeling project. On May 8th, the southwest management bureau of civil aviation approved the initial design,budget estimate, and six sub-items including pavement, earthworks, and fire control with a total investment of 847 million yuan.

The upgraded airport will help ensure the aviation safety, alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand and promote the stable development of Chamdo.

Chamdo Bamda Airport is located at an altitude of 4,334 meters and ranks 2nd in highest elevation for airports and tops the list for most difficult civil airport to fly into. It is 126 km to reach Chamdo city from the airport which makes this trek the longest distance between the city and airport within China.Currently, Chamdo has three air lines to Lhasa, Chongqing and Chengdu.

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