Tibetan cleft lip kids benefit from 'reborn program'

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Tseten Dorje, a three-year-old Tibetan kid has no longer needed the surgery mask to cover his cleft lip. He went to the Lhasa temple, shopping mall and garden with his parents happily after he recovered from a cleft lip repair operation for free.

Tseten Dorje's parents are ordinary herdermen. They couldn't afford the cost of operation. Since Dorje was born, he had seldom gone out, or he would always wear a surgery mask wherever he went, afraid of being laughed at by other kids. Dorje lived as an invisible man, which did cast shadow on his mind. Luckily, that kind of life ended after the launching of "Reborn Program". 

The Program is organized by Minsitry of Civil Affairs and Li Jiacheng Foundation, aiming to help needy Tibetan children with cleft clips and help them lead a normal life.

By now, 45 Tibetan children have undergone operations and treatment for free this year. Since Sep 2009, a total number of 106 Tiebtan children with cleft lips have been recovered from the operation.

The "Reborn Program" covers the cost of medical examination, operation, recovering, and expenses of board, and traveling for one of their caretakers. One hundred million yuan is poured to the program as funds each year.

Patients are strictly selected from Tibetan needy families. All of the operation receivers are Tibetans, among whom the youngest is only several-month-old, and the oldest is 18-year-old. Tibet Autonomous Region Renmin Hospital is in charge of the operation.

Our reporter went to the ENT of the hospital and found that two little patients in a ward waiting for operation. Drolkar, a 3-year-old Tibetan kid from Chamdo and Tsering Dondrup ,a 7-month-old kid from Nagqu Perfecture. They were well taken of by the nurses. One of the nurses told our reporter that doctors were performing operations on some children with cleft lips, after which they normally would recover in five days. The hospital would have further tracing check-ups for them in fixed period.

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