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On the arrival of China's Teacher's Day on September 10,the China Tibet online will explore with you stories about ordinary but great teachers in Tibet. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere greetings to all the industrious teachers all over the world.

The school building of Bepa Wanqan Primary School [photo/He Huacheng]
The school building of Bepa Wanqan Primary School [photo/He Huacheng]

A Tibetan girl makes self-introduction in the class-meeting. [photo/He Huacheng]
A Tibetan girl makes self-introduction in the class-meeting. [photo/He Huacheng]

Bepa Wanqan Primary school is located by the 318 National Road in Nyingchi Prefecture. When we first arrived here, the facilities of this school are much beyond our expectation. The principal of Bepa Wanqan Primary school told us that it's the stable and high quality teachers that they lacked. That is to say, the software infrastructure lags far behind the hardware facilities here.

I went to the classroom which I took charge of. I told the students cleaning works should be done. Students immediately started with clear labor division—some were sweeping the floor, some were drawing water from the stream, while others were moving the chairs and tables. Several minutes later, I was surprised to find myself standing in a brand-new classroom.

I never had thought children here could be so active and efficient. Later on, I learnt that these kids had been living in the school since grade one, they have got used to eating, wearing and cleaning by themselves. When they have meals in the canteen, they would line up voluntarily. 

I increasingly realize that education is so vital to the children in Tibet. Because many parents had received little education, students here would be regarded as "highly educated", though they are just in primary school.
Being admitted to confess that inland middle schools or high schools would be more beneficial for most students. For a number of local governments of inland provinces open inland Tibetan classes, which paved the way for these kids to receive better higher education inland. After graduation, most of them would choose to come back to Tibet and work for their hometown.The Bepa Wanqan Primary school has the best education quality in Nyingchi Prefecture.

I do hope that more people can come to Tibet and experience the tremendous changes Tibet has gone through. People's living conditions here have been much improved. Most importantly, I hope that more and more people can help these children and bring more warmth and care to them.

September 10 marks the Teacher's Day of People's Republic of China. On January 21, 1985, the Ninth Session of the Sixth Standing Committee of the National People's Congress formally decided to set Sept.10 as the National Teacher's Day. Over the past 27 years, China has celebrated this day for the important role teachers play for education on every 10th of September. Various activities to pay respect to teachers are held throughout China.


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