Lhasa: Public transport capacity to be built

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The insufficient public transport capacity in Lhasa has raised concern of Lhasa Municipal Government and departments concerned as a number of residents called the hotline "6970000" of Tibet Business Newspaper for complaints.

Zhang Ming, Chief of Lhasa Transport Bureau, gave an response recently.

Public transport plays a crucial role in providing public service. However, it has to undergo a gradual process before it can meet the demand of passengers, according to Mr. Zhang.

There have been dramatic changes in Lhasa public transportation in recent years, for it has replaced the privately-run minibuses with new public buses, in accordance with the requirements for urban development.

There were two problems mentioned by Mr. Zhang, which exist in the current Lhasa bus service.

Bus service needs to be improved

Training has been granted to the drivers of 232 new public buses in Lhasa; however, the attendants are recruited from certain places, where trainings are only accessible to drivers. Aiming to improve services, the industry authorities and bus companies stick to strict rules by rewarding the good performances and punishing poor ones.

Zhang said, complaints about the improper behaviors of bus crews have decreased, which shows the service of the crews has improved. "The next step is to give more training and enhance management to meet the public's satisfaction."

Demand exceeds supply
The problem of public transport capacity in Lhasa stems from a short supply of public buses compared with a larger demand. As temporarily it has 232 new buses which replaced 579 privately operated  minibuses, the capacity certainly can not meet the current transport needs of the local residents, added by Zhang.

According to the plan of the municipal government to resolve the current problem of insufficient capacity, more buses will be allocated when a  good management system has been established.

The hotline channel has boosted communication between the public, media, public transportation companies and the departments concerned. "Hope people from all walks of life work together to contribute to improving the urban public transport services in Lhasa and promoting the city image," said by Mr. Zhang.

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