Zhang Min: A touching story of an aid-Tibet teacher from Fujian

2010-07-27 13:58:00 | From:

Zhang Min is ready to take a rest wearing a respirator at noon at Bayi Middle School in Nyingchi Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Entering the Tibetan-style gate of Bayi Middle School in Nyingchi, people will be immediately attracted by a red piece of bulletin board which recorded the painstaking efforts by all the teachers and students of this school.

When the students reviewed the great achievements made by their school, they would coincidentally recall the same person-Zhang Min, a respected aid-Tibet Han teacher from southeast China's southeast Fujian Province.

In the past three years, Zhang Min devoted himself entirely to his teaching career on the plateau even when he was suffering from various diseases. With his rich experience, he successfully carried out over 20  kinds of reforms in teaching methods, which had significantly promoted the leap-forward development of the local middle school education.

Zhang Min is talking with his students during the break.

Zhang Min is giving a lecture.

Zhang Min is preparing lecture notes with a respirator.

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