Tibetan exhibition booth: eye-catcher at 24th Hong Kong International Tourist Expo

2010-06-13 11:18:00 | From:

Featuring strong Tibetan characteristics, the exhibition booth from Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) was very well-received at the 24th Hong Kong International Tourist Expo held on June 10.

"The Tibet exhibition booth attracted many international travel agencies by its unique Tibetan style and way of promotion," said a staff member of Marketing Promotion and Development Office of Tourism Bureau of TAR.

At the Tibetan booth, the staff dressed in festive Tibetan costumes were playing short movies about breathtaking scenery in Tibet and Tibetan songs, arousing great enthusiam among visitors.

During the first two days, the Tibetan exhibition booth has handed out more than 15,000 brochures and received 3,000 visitors from travel agencies of Hong Kong, Macao and other areas around the world.

The Tibetan delegation signed three agreements of cooperation including setting up local tourist information and business offices in Hong Kong and Macao on the first day.

In recent years, the TAR Bureau of Tourism has doubled its efforts to promote its tourist industry by publishing various kinds of materials including videoes, TV ads, albums, DVDs, cartoon flash, etc.

Official statistics shows that the economic benefit brought by the promotion campaign on Tibetan tourism has far exceeded its goal. Altogether 228 million Chinese people aged from 25 to 64 have watched their advertisements taking up 14.9 percent of the total population in China.

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