People save Tibetan culture relic after quake

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Yushu of Qinghai Province is one of the birth places of Tibetan Buddhist culture. The recent earthquake dealt a severe blow to the culture in the area as it demolished monasteries and other cultural sites. But as Xie Zheng finds out, people there are trying hard to save the cultural relics, and the spirit of the Tibetan culture that they embody.

All that stands are but a few temple halls at the Thrangu Monastery just outside of Yushu city. Injuries were not heavy at the 700-year-old Tibetan Buddhist monastery, but Lamas are worried about the Buddha statues, sutras, and instruments handed down by generations of living Buddhas still buried under the rubble.

Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche from Thrangu Monastery said, "The buried relics not only belong to this monastery, they are relics of China, and the world. So we are very worried."

There are over one hundred soldiers here.While they have to brave the dangers of the falling debris, they are also facing other difficulties.

He Xinrong, Battalion Commander of Second Artellery Corp., PLA, said, "These are very precious cultural relics, so we have to take extra caution. Most of the time, we keep away from heavy machinery and tools, and rely only on our bare hands. So injuries on the hands are very common. "

Their work has paid off. The head of the monastery has refused help from non-governmental organizations.

Lodroe Nyima Rinpoche said, "I am more confident in the army because the soldiers are elite, and they are always with the civilians when we face difficulties. So I only ask them to help us. "

Both the monks and soldiers face an arduous task as thousands of items of relics are.........A new monastery site will be built and the spirit of Buddhism will be carried on.

"Soldiers, monks, and residents have teamed up to save the centuries' old relics so that they can be passed on to future generations."


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