Canadian police rescue newborn baby from toilet

2009-12-15 08:27:00 | From:

A baby who was born into a toilet was saved by two police officers who happened to be at a home on Sunday in the central Canadian city of Winnipeg, reports reaching here on Monday said.

The officers, from the force's street-crime unit, were conducting an investigation at the home at about noon time Sunday when they heard a commotion in the home, with people shouting and focused on the bathroom, police said.

The officers discovered a woman had just delivered a baby boy into the toilet bowl.

They just grabbed baby and one police officer gave CPR to that baby. The baby started breathing and was saved, Joseph Murdoch, the infant's grandfather, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Paramedics arrived and rushed the boy to hospital in critical condition. The infant has been upgraded to stable condition, police said. His 32-year-old mother was also in hospital and doing well.

The baby's grandmother said nobody even knew the mother was pregnant as she was a hefty woman.

The grandparents said everyone in the family is grateful for what the officers did.

The officers are not being identified because they often work undercover, police said.

Police did not provide any information about the nature of the investigation the officers were conducting at the home.

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