Book on Mani stone carving published

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The Beijing Publishing House has currently issued an album named "Tibetan Mani Carving" to illustrate the religionary and sacred Mani stone craving in Tibet.

The book, totalling some 300,000 words, was written by Feng Shaohua, a veteran editor of Jinan Daily, who has once worked in Tibet for 13 years.

Addicted to Mani carving, Feng was rapt in investigation and collection of the carvings and once visited some remote areas, during his stay in Tibet.

The book has filled the void in the research of Mani carving, and also becomes a useful reference for the research and development of Tibetology. In particular, it provides tourists and people who are interested in Tibet a gate to the ancient and mysterious Tibetan culture and art, according to Wu Junkui, the Tibetology consultant of the book.

Besides, for an easy understanding, the book also attaches 949 pictures.

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