Kasai greets Tibetan New Year

2009-02-04 10:11:00 | From:

As the Tibetan New Year approaches, traditional Tibetan food, Kasai is popular among customers. As a kind of ghee flour food in various shapes and colors with granulated sugar, Kasai is not only artwork for decoration but also delicious food for entertaining guests.

On the Lingkor North Road, the journalist saw that workers were busy with making Kasai and many customers came to choose their favourite Kasai.

"I have been running the Kasai shop for 15 years, and many oyal customers always look for the Kasai that I made," said Ngawang, who sells Kasai on the Lingkor North Road, "This month we will make 1,500 kg Kasa and each kg will sell at 10 yuan."

(1 USD equals about 6.84 yuan.)

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