From caves to 'villas'

2008-11-18 13:50:00 | From:

A Tibetan elder of Luojue family is watering flowers, photo from Tibet Daily.

Villagers from Zhaburang Village, Zanda County of Ngari Prefecture, in 2004 moved into beautiful houses, which are dubbed as "little villas" by them.

Before 1978, these rural people lived in caves. With the help of the government, in 1978 they moved into the place where Zhaburang village is now located. And nowadays with their hard work as well as the government's help, they enjoy comfortable "villas".

Journalists visited the Luojue family and saw modern electric appliances and Tibetan-style furniture in spacious houses. As the former director of Zhaburang Village Committee who led the villagers to wealth, Luojue said: "My house is nothing important; there are many houses in better conditions in the village."

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