Tibetan traditional culture inherited here

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A student from Thangka class is drawing Thangka, photo from CTIC.

Some of students' works, photo from CTIC.

The classroom, photo from CTIC.

Thangka made by students, photo from CTIC.

Rug with traditional design and novel color made by students, photo from CTIC.

Self-made wool in the school, photo from CTIC

Founded in 2005, Pande Targyai Vocational School founded in 2005 is a Tibetan traditional crafts training school for poor Tibetan students most of whom come from Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan. The school has four vocational courses. Girls would like to learn rug knitting of Thangkas and Thangka drawing, while boys prefer drawing Thangkas, sculpting and making bronze statues. Additionally, the courses of Tibetan, Chinese and English are also given in the school.
The founder of the school Zhang Li will lead some students with their works to participate the 11th International Art Exhibition in early May to show the development of Tibetan traditional culture.


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