Official: Tibetan education well developed

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"Rioters burnt and destructed some primary and secondary schools in Lhasa on March 14. They broke the normal teaching system and doomed to fail." said Sonam Dorje, vice chairman of CPPCC standing committee of Tibet Autonomous Region and education labor union.

In old Tibet, only the noble children might have chance to study. The enrollment rate of school-age children was less than 5 percent and the illiteracy rate was as high as 95%. 

Since the peaceful liberation in 1965, the system of Tibetan education developed rapidly with the support of central government. Up to now, Tibet has more than 1,000 schools at all levels. The school-age children enrolment rate of primary school has increased from 76.0% in 1981 to 98.2%, while the junior high school enrollment rate increased from 29.6% to 90.7%. The illiteracy rate of youth had dropped to 4.8% as well.

Over the past five years, 8.22 billion yuan in government funding has been invested in the region's education to improve school facilities and raise enrolment rate and the quality of education. The special annual educational subsidies for the children of Tibetan farmers and herders have been increased from 353 yuan in 1985 to an average of 1,450 yuan in 2007. The enrolment rate of primary schools and junior middle schools for school age children reached 98.2% and 90.7% respectively. At present, a sound education system at various levels is taking shape in Tibet Autonomous Region.

"Thanks to the government's support, Tibetan education developed very fast since the peaceful liberation."Sonam Dorje said proudly,"In Tibet, all nationalities enjoy equal right of education and all Tibetans have a common understanding that stability will bring fortune while riots will only result in misfortune. "

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