Culture relics donated to TAR Museum

2007-12-21 16:51:00 | From:

Comai County in Lhoka Prefecture has donated some precious cultural relics to TAR Museum with the help fromTAR Cultural Relic Department, sources from TAR Culture Department.

Among the donations, there are 77 pages of Bon Religion literature, 66 pages of Buddhism literature, a lection book made of 7 -page birch bark , 91 pages of scattered documents and a piece of Sakyamuni Thangka. These cultural relics were found when locals in Comai maintained Khatang bonmoche Buddhism Temple in 2006. According to  font, sheet and production, experts have initially ascertained that most of the literature works were written in Tubo Kingdom and some were Buddhism literature popular in 11-12th century. The relics have high value of culture and literature.

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