Handmade Tibetan paper popular among tourists

2007-07-13 16:17:10 | From:

"How much is this piece of paper?" Such question is really popular in Lhasa as Tibetan paper which is listed to be intangible cultural relics of Lhasa is hot selling.

Reporters find that Tibetan paper with designs meaning lucky and auspicious in red, pink, blue and purple are displayed on a Tibetan paper selling shelf. The boss tells that Tibetan paper in red, pink, blue and purple is used for packaging while white paper is for painting or writing.

Tibetan paper is made of bark fibre and daphne root fibre processed by calcareousness and alkali. As the grass is poisonous, it can be kept away from moth and corroding. Handmade Tibetan paper is valuable because of its less output.

After the Tibetan paper is listed to be national intangible cultural relics list, it becomes popular among tourists, according to a shopkeeper.

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