Tibet water supply to double by 2020

2007-05-16 15:06:23 | From:

TAR contruction department plans to increase water supply capability from 350,000 cubic meters/day to over 830,000/day to meet the local economic and social development demands.

There are 77 water factories being built in county seats since 1999 with overall water supply capabilty of 351,700 cubic meters/day. However, the standard of the existed water factories is quite low, which is high water line tank or water pumping station.

After the Qinghai-Tibet Railway in operation and increasing tourists and workforces as well as fast urbanization development,  the average water supply is 80-100 liters per person every day, which is far less than demand.

Hence the construction department intends to build 1,300 kilometers long water supply pipeline to make the water supply coverage area up from 60% to 97% with overall capability 835,500 cubic meters/day.


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