Two Anhui citizens tour Tibet by motor cycle

2007-04-10 13:20:21 | From:

Rong Long (left) and Pan Shisheng (right) are starting off, photo from Xinhua, April 7.

"Jokul, green grass, beautiful lamasery," as a song sings, it's a dream to experience the mysterious Tibet in one's lifetime. On the morning of April 7, two motor cyclists, Rong Long and Pan Shisheng start their journey from Tongling in Anhui Province with joy and excitement.

28-year-old Rong Long and 43-year-old Pan Shisheng are both motor cycle addicts. As planned, they will enter Tibet through Sichuan-Tibet Highway and return along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway with overall 8,400 km in one month.

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