Southeast Tibet meets rare rainy days

2006-02-20 10:29:33 | From:

Southeast Tibetan areas including Zayul, Bome, Nyingchi and Mailing met rare overcast and rainy days from February 11 to 17.

26 millimeters' downfall dropped in Zayul County February 17. The rainfall reached 42.5 mm till 8 am., up 6 to 4 times compared with last year.

The overcast and rainy weather formed from cold air and saw a gradual weakening since February 17, according to Zhou Hongli, a senior engineer of Nyingchi Weather Bureau.

Thanks to the rainy weather, threatening forest fire disaster in Nyingchi area was basically avoided. However, weather experts call attention to the cold spell, crop insect pest and traffic security because of the frozen highway surface.

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