Tertiary sector bolsters Tibet economy

2006-01-19 16:53:28 | From:

China's Tibet Autonomous Region has been restructuring its industries in recent years. In 2005, the tertiary sector takes accounted for about 57 percent of Tibet's GDP, according to local government.

Agriculture and livestock husbandry was the backbone industry in Tibet before the 1990s, the second industry - handicraft - was underdeveloped, and tertiary industry was rather backward.

The tertiary sector has been booming remarkably in Tibet in recent years, bolstered by tourism, communications and other modern sectors.

Tibet's tertiary sector posted 14.25 billion yuan (1.78 billionU.S. dollars) of added value in 2005, up 14.2 percent year on year.

With its unique natural and cultural resources, Tibet reported increasing tourist revenue. The region received about 1.8 million tourists and posted 1.93 billion yuan (241.25 million U.S. dollars) of tourist revenue in 2005.

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