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Tax preference promoted tea industry in Tibet's Metok County

2017-10-16 09:58:15 | From:vtibet.com

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The reporter learned from Tibet National Tax Bureau on October 10 that supported by preferential taxation policy, the ecological tea industry in Metok County of Nyingchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region has developed healthily and rapidly. Chinanews.com reported.

Up to the first half of 2017, the county's tea-planting areas reached to more than 5800 mu (1mu=0.1647369 acre), driving more than 2000 farmers and herdsmen increase incomes.

On October 31, 2013, Metok highway was officially opened to traffic, and Metok County became the last one that accessed to highway in China. The highway has brought many changes to this "lotus holy land". Since then, the former "isolated island on plateau" has become unobstructed.

As it belongs to sub-tropical climate and located in the lowest altitude in Tibet, Metok has a mild climate and abundant rainfall. According to local conditions, government strongly supported the establishment of the tea company and positively developed ecological tea industry.

Dawa, head of the company told the reporter, "the company was founded in 2015 and we also didn't know about supporting policy. Then staff of the national tax bureau came to explain the policy to us. Now the company can enjoy preferential tax for about  50,000 yuan."

It is understood that in order to improve farmers and herdsmen's enthusiasm for planting tea, Metok County has formulated a special policy that farmers and herdsmen can enjoy labor wages.  

Metok county's National Tax Bureau also provided convenience in space and time for farmers and herdsmen who planted tea to reduce the cost of tax through many methods, such as, reasonable deployment of personnel, setting up special windows and so forth.  

In addition, the county's national tax bureau has issued a list of related businesses to farmers and herdsmen, and reserved consulting telephone in tax service hall for consultation. Now, farmers and herdsmen can get invoices out for once.  

Implementing policies, servicing and developing enterprises well have also promoted economic development and farmers' incomes to become rich in Metok County, according to the head of the county's national tax bureau. Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC (Communist Party of China), local tax revenues have increased from 11.178 million yuan in 2013 to 50.15 million yuan in 2016. Local taxpayers' satisfaction and sense of gain are also constantly improving.  

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