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Tibetan nomads busy with planting forage grass

2017-05-13 15:10:53 | From:China Tibet Online

On May 8, nomads in Tarje Tibetan Township in Zhangye City, northwest China’s Gansu Province are sowing seeds of oats, alfalfa, and triticale on the barren slopes of Qilian Mountain. In recent days, the weather is good and herdsmen are busy with forage planting.

Tibetan nomads are driving tractor to plow.

Tibetan nomads are working hard in the fields, with the rolling Qilian Mountain off in the distance.

The Yugur, Tibetan and Mongolian herdsmen living in the north area of Qilian Mountain have lived nomadic lives for generations. After the implementation of turning grazing land into grassland, herdsmen have reared their livestock in pens and planted forage grass on the barren grassland overgrazed in the past.

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