Health department provides free cancer tests for Tibetan women

2013-03-09 09:17:00 | From:

Free cancer tests for women will be offered in 13 counties in the Tibet Autonomous Region in 2013, the local health department said Friday.

The free test campaign is being launched by the regional government's Department of Health and the Tibetan Women's Federation.

Tibetan women in six counties aged between 35 and 64 have received free tests for cervical cancer and breast cancer after the campaign started in 2009.

"The number of counties will increase to 13 after more counties in the capital city Lhasa and the prefectures of Shannan, Xigaze, Nyingchi and Qamdo join the campaign," the health department said.

"If a woman is diagnosed with cancer by a county hospital, she will be sent to Tibet Hospital in Lhasa for treatment, as well as receive 10,000 yuan (1,608 U.S. dollars) to cover her medical fees from the Tibetan Women's Federation," said Lhamo, a health department staffer.

Statistics indicate that more than 51,000 Tibetan women have benefited from the campaign thus far.

The equipment and staff needed to conduct the tests in counties that have recently joined the campaign will be in place before March 25.

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