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Tibet opens first altitude acclimation research and rehab center

2019-05-16 11:11:00China Tibet Online

“Do you want to visit Tibet?” “I do, but I’m afraid of the high altitude sickness!” A lot of people who have not been to Tibet have this fear, and some have called it the “Fear of Tibet Syndrome.”

On May 13th, journalists learned from Lhasa People’s Hospital that Tibet’s first Altitude Acclimation Research and Rehab Center has been created at the hospital. This center is significant to new arrivals in Tibet, especially for those who have “Fear of Tibet Syndrome,” by offering treatment to help people adjust to the high altitude, promoting metabolism, and improving quality of sleep.

“Our treatment could improve sleep quality, especially for the various symptoms due to lack of oxygen. Treatments are once or twice a week and lasts 35 minutes each time. Any residents or tourists needing this service could make an appointment at our hospital.” Said Gao Daiquan, the chief physician of neurology at Lhasa People’s Hospital.




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