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90 targeted trainees from Medrogungkar County, Lhasa to study in inland

2020-12-11 15:33:00China Tibet Online

Site of the written test.

In order to promote the local employement and improve the labor skill of high school and above labor force in Medrogungkar County, a special examination was held there a few days ago. 104 laborers with high school and above education background from townships and villages in the county took part in the written test of the targeted training commission of Tibet Julong Copper Co., Ltd.

It is understood that the county’s 90 laborers will be organized to go to Jiangxi University of Science and Technology to take a one-year targeted training program. They will mainly study in mineral processing engineering, chemical industry (environmental protection), and mechatronics. After the training, the laborers will be employed by the company.

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