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Tibet Yulmed Township Primary School reopens

2019-11-28 10:45:00China Tibet Online

On the morning of November 20, the Yulmed Township Primary School in Lhongzi County, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, which had been closed for 10 years, opened again.

“Today we begin with three classes of our affiliated kindergarten. Starting in March next year for the spring term, six village children in grades one and two who have been studying outside will come back to study here,” Principal Kelsang Namgyel said.

Yulmed Township, with an area of several thousand square kilometers, is an established township with the least population in China. For a long time, since the establishment of the township in 1960, only an old man named Sangye Chuba and his two daughters lived here, and it was known as the “three person township”. The Yulmed Township Primary School closed in 2009 due to too few students.

Nowadays, great changes have taken place in Yulmed Township, which has attracted more and more residents to move here, graze their animals, safeguard national borders, and build happy homes.

According to Dawa, the Party branch secretary for Yulmed Township, the township currently has more than 50 households with a total of 195 people. Of these, there are 23 preschool-aged children (ages 4-6) and 14 primary school-aged children (ages 7-12). The rebuilt Yulmed Township Primary School currently has seven primary school teachers and kindergarten teachers and 23 kindergarten students.




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