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1000-year-old Tibetan wild yak dance

2022-07-29 15:19:00China Tibet Online

Xierong “Drongtse” is a traditional Tibetan performance art that integrates vocal music, monologue, and dancing. It is translated into “wild yak dance” in Chinese. In the history of Tibet, Xierong “Drongtse” has frequently appeared in major celebrations and has been included in the national intangible cultural heritage.

As early as one thousands of years ago, Xierong ‘Drongtse’ has been carved on Jokhang Temple’s mural “Jokhang Temple’s Celebrating Picture”, and the dancing scene was also recorded in the Samye Monastery’s mural.

In 2014, the state allocated a special fund of 560,000 yuan (82,936 US dollars) for the inheritance of the dance, and the costumes and props required were updated. Besides traditional Tibetan festivals, it is also staged during major events and galas.

“We have gone to many places to perform Xierong ‘Drongtse’, including the stage of Tibetan New Year Gala several times. The audiences like the dance very much.” The 63-year-old Samdrup said with pride when talking about his performance experience over the years.

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