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Tibetan climbers were vital in measuring mountain

2020-06-04 15:24:00China Daily

Tibetan climbers played a vital role in the just-concluded 2020 remeasurement mission on Mount Qomolangma, authorities of Tibet's sports bureau said on Monday.

China launched a campaign to remeasure the height of Qomolangma-known in the West as Mount Everest-in late April. After two failed attempts due to poor weather, the surveying team successfully reached the summit of the world's highest peak at 11 am on May 27 and remeasured its height.

Nyima Tsering, the head of the region's sports bureau, said his bureau coordinated climbers from the region's mountaineering guide school, the Tibet Himalaya Mountaineering Expedition Co, and the Tibet Mountaineering Team to provide full assistance to the challenging mission.

"More than 100 people were involved, conducting various duties including mountain guidance, alpine assistance, high-altitude logistical support, climbing path maintenance, camp building, transportation, photography, environmental protection and surveying," Nyima said.

"They have contributed greatly in various aspects of the mission, and they have helped to ensure the safety and feasibility of the 2020 remeasurement of Qomolangma," he said.

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