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Documentary about life on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau screened in Lithuanian capital

2019-12-06 14:17:00Xinhua

A Chinese documentary about life on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau was screened on Wednesday here in the capital of Lithuania.

Titled "Roof of the World", the first 4K ultra-high-definition documentary in China with a runtime of 90 minutes features Tibet's vast, gorgeous landscapes and its diligent people, while documenting the challenges of modernization in a traditional society.

"I am really happy to have this opportunity to come and see this movie today, because I think this movie painted a really great picture of Tibet and Tibetan culture. It made me feel interested even more and made me want to go and visit Tibet," said Gabriele Minkeviciute, a senior student majoring in sinology at Vilnius University.

"First of all of course it is nature -- the sceneries, mountains and lakes -- and then there are old traditions and local people's daily life ... it is a combination that makes this movie so attractive and beautiful," said Agne Von, a local girl who had studied and worked in China for four years.

Speaking before the screening, Chinese Ambassador to Lithuania Shen Zhifei expressed the hope that the documentary would be a window for Lithuanians to understand the Tibetan heritage, culture and lifestyle.

He also looked forward to "more and more cultural activities in the future, building a bridge of friendship between China and Lithuania as well as deepening of our bilateral cooperation in various fields on the basis of mutual understanding."

Organized by the Chinese Embassy in Vilnius, the event was attended by First Deputy Chancellor Deividas Matulionis and some 200 audience, including officials, parliamentarians, experts and the Chinese community in Lithuania.

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