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255 impoverished households in Banbar County moved to new homes 

2019-07-18 10:52:00China Tibet Online

Recently, 255 impoverished households relocated from Banbar Township, Lhatse Township, Caoka Township, Nyemo Township, Maxiu Township, and Reyu Township in Chamdo City, Tibet moved into new resettlement houses in Dongtuo Community, Caoka Township, Banbar County of Chamdo City. A total of 120 120.56-square-meter houses and 144 90.78-square-meter houses have been built for relocated households to choose from.  

To date, construction on 43 sites for relocating the poor implemented by the Banbar County that involves 1,961 households and 10,233 people, of which are 1,527 registered impoverished households and 7,994 people, have already been completed and residents have already moved in.

Editor: Tommy Tan.

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