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Xi says human history will not end in one particular civilization or system

2023-08-25 17:19:00Xinhua

Chinese President Xi Jinping said here on Wednesday that human history will not end in one civilization or one system.

Xi made the remarks when addressing the 15th BRICS Summit. "There are many civilizations and development paths in the world, and this is how the world should be," he said.

"We should increase people-to-people exchanges and promote mutual learning between civilizations," he added.

The Chinese leader said BRICS countries need to champion the spirit of inclusiveness, advocate peaceful coexistence and harmony between civilizations, and promote respect of all countries in independently choosing their modernization paths.

"We need to make good use of such mechanisms as the BRICS seminar on governance, the BRICS forum on people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and the Women Innovation Contest to deepen people-to-people exchanges and strengthen the bond between our peoples," he noted.

Xi also said that China would like to propose that BRICS countries expand cooperation on education, enhance the role of the BRICS alliance for vocational education, explore and set up a cooperation mechanism on digital education, and foster a paradigm of all-round cooperation on education.

In addition, he also urged BRICS countries to strengthen exchanges on traditional cultures and promote the renewal of fine traditional cultures.

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